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​Two Faces of Love - Live!
​Captured LIVE at their Two Faces of Love Happening, Roberto & Kathryn's new album include originals, hits from the 40's through the 80's and the original performance of their rockin' God Rest Ye, Merry Gentlemen! 
 Single Downloads ($.99)
Reviews for Two Faces of Love 

"My friends were blown away! We will all be there for the next happening along with as many friends as possible!! "  
- S. Louise (Portland, ME)

"FANTASTIC show... We've been enjoying the album and the Youtube, but you REALLY came across live. Great!" 
- M. LeBeaux (Boston, MA)

"The concert yesterday was just exquisite, Wow!"
- J. Virage (Newton, MA)

"You guys were awesome-just a pleasure to watch you 2 perform together."
 - R. Landsman (Brookline, MA)

"how they got incredible interaction with the entire audience is absolutely astounding . . . you could hear a pin drop while they were performing."
- N. Braverman (Roslindale, MA)

"Your voices are like angels - wonderful, sweet and refreshing." 
- anonymous (Cambridge, MA)